La Review- Sideways/ Dog

I am an avid movie watcher and that being the case here is a short review of Sideways-

There are certain actors in the movie that I forbid my self from mentioning but that person did a good job in the movie. I have to say that I wasn’t fond of the moment of full on male nudity but I did drink wine after the movie.



IT is my dream to own a dog that will some day do simple things that make humans happy like not poop in the God damn house. If said dog were to commit deuce in said house I expect it to not only clean it up but also file a report signed in triplicate with the maroon and top white sheet neatly filed in my desk drawer. This way when the dog has his quarterly review we can count and understand its behavior and where we can improve.

Joss Stone can suck one,

Hick a do ya!



2 thoughts on “La Review- Sideways/ Dog

  1. You are amazing.

    If I were to own a dog (which will be never), but if I did – the first deuce in the house would be the last.

    And sideways made me want to be a functioning alcoholic. How is *that* for a movie review?

  2. PS. you might want to change your time zone in your settings to “UTC – 5” so that you are in the central time zone 🙂

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