Good Morning…Diet

“I ate my friend cause I could”- A Tyrannosaurus Rex, Jurassic Period

For the past two days I have begun a project of epic proportions. As I am unemployed this project will not make me money but may add years to my life. This project is going to take two agonizing weeks where I will be tested mentally and physically. I warn you- spectators may get hurt!

The Project… a diet. The length… two weeks. The restrictions… feels like everything.

This idea started late Sunday night when my second oldest sister, code named “Caitlin”, approached me with an opportunity to go on a diet. Fellow Catholics will understand that I took on this challenge not thinking, just like when we give up things for lent. Now on this blog I will be changing the text on my header to “not food” as I will keep you all updated on my progress. Here is the recap…

Monday- Woke up on the first day of the diet and remembered… I am on a diet. Walked down stairs to the office on our first floor where my code named sister “Caitlin” works. “What can I have for Breakfast?” to which she said cereal. Fuck yea! This diet will be cake! I thought.

Lunch- Still Monday- I asked Caitlin what I could eat for lunch to which she replied a turkey sandwich with minimal bread as possible and no Mayonnaise. (Does not sound like a sandwich) So I replaced mayo with ketchup out of my little sisters council. Shitty sandwich.

Dinner- A bag of oats.                                                                           (Not really it was pulled chicken and wild rice)

Tuesday- Woke up. “Ahh Shit I’m still on a diet.” Missed breakfast had a shitty sandwich for lunch. Decided I needed to get active so I went Frisbee golfing… with out beer… dammit.

Dinner, Still Tuesday- It was bordering 7:00PM and I had eaten less than Calista Flockhart eats in a week. (1 meal). Caitlin received a very grumpy call from me asking what rabbit food I could eat. She said subway which to me seemed amazing! Then the stipulations came. No mayo, Turkey only, no Pop, as many veggies as i want on flat bread. Fuck.

While I really can’t complain about the subway because it was rather good, I would say that combined with working out daily this diet is definitely going to change my attitude towards food. I guess that’s a good thing. Perhaps we should be grateful that we get the chance to eat but maybe the abundance of restaurants does not mean eat out more or eat when you see a place to eat. I also can’t complain about the way I feel mentally lately. In only three days I have noticed that I am more productive, and less content with being inactive through out the day. Shit I even went out and bought a book from Borders.

Its not like my pants are suddenly too loose but I think that changing the way you eat for one day can change your attitude and quickly. I woke up this morning, happy that last night while I was out with friends I didn’t do fourth meal at Taco Bell. I am excited to go to the gym (three days in a row) meet my buddy for racket ball and get the most out of my days until the world ends in 2012.

Peace, Love,

Andy “Get Some” Riv

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