Knock Yourself Out

I was watching the football game tonight… which didn’t end well for Chicago and noticed that Sprint put out a new commercial.

Once again Sprint is sticking to what works and using their star cheerleader Dan Hesse (CEO) to talk to American Consumers.

Exhibit A (Dan Hesse)(Douche)

You all remember (even you non-cable owning folk) the Sprint Commercial where Exhibit A was taking. Where he “breaking new ground” saying all his phone plans were unlimited for $99.00 mean while you were getting motion sickness and wondering where the fuck he was that had brick streets. Well ever since then he’s been riding in cabs, standing in business buildings and eating in diners while telling everyone Sprint is changing the standard for cell plans everywhere. The newest commercial Dan ends with “it’s a free country, knock yourself out.” This made me call my friend Ben, here was the convo…

Andy: “Ben?”

Ben: “Good morning!” (It was 7PM)

Andy: “Knock yourself out”

Ben: “What?”

Andy: “Knock yourself out”

Ben: “Why?”

Andy: “Its a free country”

Um… yea. Not my best but hey, it was on my mind.

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