New Medicine

The hair of the dog that bit you.

Thats what they call it in the old country. You take a shot of the last liquor you drank the night before and instantly its game time! No more hang over, all is right with the world. That person you woke up with, whom your sure is collecting STD’s like it’s going out of style, a non-issue.

In a related subject bullshit is a phrase one uses to emphasize an untruth. How is this related? Because that remedy is bullshit.

I traveled to the one named J-Bro’s house in Terre Haute (Terry Hoot!). It’s a 5 hour journey made worth it because it was J-Bro’s birthday and I respect birth and days. So why not celebrate.

We enjoyed some comfort from the south (Southern Comfort) and watched a movie and retired. I to the lovely blow up bed in the kitchen. I feel I should mention that sleeping in the kitchen is a great way to meet appliances. Me and Fridgey got along wonderfully but we had to tell off the washing machine because he was being a buster.

The next morning J-Bro and I woke with an annoying headache. I had suggested the above remedy. J-Bro poured a beer and I poured a shot. We swallowed our poison. Not only did it not work but we theorize that it made life worse. I started farting and J-Bro shit the bathroom like a boss.

The next time some one suggests “the hair of the dog that bit you” as a remedy to a hang over, politely punch them in the throat. Young or old… just be soft on people with tracheotomy as their lives already kinda suck… no need to be harsh.

Today, with hang overs, J-Bro and I will play with Tigers. J-Bro will hump one as I film. I know that it will be a great attachment for an already brilliant grad-school application!

Andy Out! Booyah!


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