Nothing to Write About

Authors Note: At no time was Marijuana present while I was writing this blog. You will understand when you make it to the last sentence what I mean.

Invariably we come to a point in our days when we no longer have anything to say about anything. The exception being if your Rush Limbaugh or Chris Matthews. (I know I went the spectrum on that one) Perhaps in this age in which the vast outlets for communication require us to sync our thumbs, frontal lobes and mandibles together, we can rediscover the 1800’s and loose the communication “utopia” which we are so enslaved.

While I have a lean readership, I assume they are able to utilize their empirical observations and thus will note that I am currently using an outlet for communication of the modern kind; a contradiction to the above proclamation. I will not mislead. Do not think of me as hypocritical for I have fore-thought this judgement. I would render this as a written expression and not a means of constant communication. To be received by your occipital lobe and processed by various regions of your brain as stimulation. Thus causing you to gain interest  and hold your attention as I render my thoughts to something as primitive as visual communication.

I note the contrast:

Constant communication is far more demanding of our nervous system. While the first two steps are identical, we must also ignite the flame of judgement and memory in our frontal lobe and in cases utilize deep, primeval areas of the brain to control emotion, add logic and formulate the best plan of action to respond. We then must configure a message, while simultaneously triggering our extremities to move and operate with skilled precision, tools to convey our written language in a way that best fits our emotions. And thats just with an email or a text.

The whole system is extended when it is oral or face to face. We must then conduct a concert of communication tools to portray our emotions. A simple nod now takes the place of “I agree”. A simple smile says “I like that…” Yet along with physical communication, we passionately orate our feelings and barrage the receiver with information that would blow up the most advanced super computer simply because that person is reacting to your message and sending information back to the (senders) brain which is then processed and concluded on the most efficient way to send the rest of your message.

Invariably we come to a point when we no longer have anything to say about anything. It is my recommendation that instead of rambling like a obese, uneducated, republican retard or a balding, annoying, Democrat, impotent asshole, that we avoid the complexities of the above descriptions of the inner workings of communication and instead rediscover the 1800’s by ridding ourselves of constant communication.

The long and short of it is: take a good long shit and leave the phone in the other room.


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