The E-Blast Email Reply

Subject: McKnight’s Career Opportunities!

Sent: Monday

To: List Source Alpha

Don’t Miss a Chance for McKnight’s to Attract

Skilled and Relevant Candidates to Your Facility!

Please Call Andrew Riviere @ 847-555-0194 or Email @!

If you would like to stop receiving these messages please respond “unsubscribe”.


Subject: Unsubscribe

Sent: Monday (afternoon)


I would like to unsubscribe from your emailing list.


Reply: (Me)

Subject: Re: Unsubscribe

Time: Monday

To: Bill


Reply: (Bill)

Subject: Re: Re: Unsubscribe

Time: Monday Afternoon

To: Andy

Please take me off your emailing list, don’t need a reason.

Reply: (Andy)

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Unsubscribe

Time: Monday Afternoon

To: Bill

I would appreciate a reason- Do you not like me?

Reply: (Bill)

Subject: Please just take me off the email list

Time: Monday Late Afternoon

To: Andy

It’s nothing personal its just that I am not interested in your magazine… I am sure your a nice guy.

Reply: (Andy)

Subject: Re: Please just take me off the email list

Time: Late Monday

To: Bill

You know I’m not gay… not that there is anything wrong with that. I know our magazine can help your business… just do it.

Reply: (Bill)

Subject: I am not gay

Time: Tuesday Morning

To: Andy

I was not hitting on you. I don’t want to do your magazine this year please just leave me alone. PS – I have gay friends, I know there is nothing wrong with it.

Reply: (Andy)

Subject: Re: Your gay

Time: Tuesday Morning

Attachment: Package

To: Bill

I know you have gay friends, you are the company you keep. I don’t want to get into that we have a great offer you would be remiss not to take it up! Let me send you a package- in fact its attached.

Reply: (Bill)

Subject: Re: Re: Your Gay

Time: Tuesday Afternoon

To: Andy

I didn’t read the package, I don’t want you to help us out, I don’t want to advertise.

Reply: (Andy)

Subject: Okay then…

Time: Tuesday Night

To: Bill


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