Swang Vote

“My acting  career can be explained like the opening of Disney World in the 70’s… it was a great idea but nothing worked…”         – Kevin Costner         (according to Andy Riv, Kevin never said that)


I gave up Kevin Costner for Lent 6 years ago and I forgot to take it back up.

So last night at 10:55PM I decided to break my Costner Fast and try out the movie “Swing Vote”.  I watched the movie, via Netflix, and it took me 10 minutes to finish the movie. You may say- ” you didn’t really enjoy the movie!” but nay I say to you! Nay! I enjoyed the collective 10 minutes of the movie.  Mostly because I didn’t spend the 2 hours it would have taken to find out you never see who he votes for! That’s right I skipped to the end.  Thank God for Netflix Online!

Fuck you very much Kevin Costner- you still make shitty movies.


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