The Invention of Jury Service


There was once a group of old men. They collectively decided that people in their nation were doing some fucked up shit. This surprised them as they had just fought for their independence from a nation that was doing fucked up shit too. This concerning the old men they decided to create a government.

This would be a great government which would hold people at equal standards and require duties to their national government. In return the government would protect and aide these citizens in daily life and times of need. They would invent law to keep people from doing fucked up shit and in turn create punishment for people who did the fucked up shit any way. They would decide to punish people for being black and then elect black presidents. They would banish fireworks but let people own AK47s (as long as they are not automatic). They would kill off and enslave their indigenous population, then give them a piece of land to live on, then relocate them, then kill them so more, then put them on a couple coins.

They then created something called jury duty and served me with it… for the second time in 3 months.

Thanks old men.

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