Andy: okay

Andy: you know i was in that band

Justin: that’s what i hear

Justin: from brent

Andy: according to brent i wasnt in that band

Justin: he wasn’t in a band

Andy: it was you and brent: it was only you two…. and he would rip bass solos so tasty and extreme solos and people would stop and say “loook… its brent……. and justin”

Justin: and then… he would get on his knees…and the girls would scream (for their lives)

Andy: then justin would say… “brent… you my friend could play my guitar better than me”… and brent would play the bass and the guitar at the same time in standard tuning

Justin: and then detune one

Justin: and retune the other

Andy: using the pitch of a distant sorrowful cry

Justin: in the key of d minor, the saddest of all keys

Andy: yes- and then use the 4th do his melodies: so its slightly off but in a familiar leap which reminds us of “here come the bride”

Justin: exactly!

Justin and I commenting on our beloved Brenty Brent

One thought on “Tru-Convo

  1. ah, brent. the mighty brenty brent. i hear he went platinum and debuted his first concert in outerspace.

    man that kid is cool.

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