The People Speak

One of the best things History Channel has put on in a while. Note: History Channel Fail- this program was follow up with Pawn Shop Wars.

The whole show is based on primary sources read by celebrities. These sources are taken from journals, letters and speeches from various Americans. The subject matters are raw and inglorious to our national history. They deal with slavery in America told by the slaves, it deals with settling this country as told by the displaced Native Americans and it talks about World War 2 as told by the amputees and shell shocked veterans.

It is not your high school text book. This is the result of Howard Zinn, the legendary historian.

I would suggest you watch this. If for any reason, just to understand our countries history better and why it is so important that we move on, in progress, rather than regress to the primitive ways of yesteryear.

If anything you will see some famous people and hear Bruce Springsteen sing “This Land is Our Land.”

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