Time with Emchay…

So I begin this, my series on weight loss, with my Sunday Jamba Juice run with Emchay.

Our conversation about work, life and family went to a familiar theme, toilet humor. I have now discovered that Emily, like me has thought often of hitting the reset button on the gastrointestinal system… colon-cleansing.

You know that conversation you have about drinking as a young teenager with your friends? “I think I want to try to get drunk…” one says to the other.

“Totally there with you, my parents have some booze – they wont miss it!” Then you get regrettably trashed and swear off booze for the first time in your life.

Same thing- Emily “I have the some miralax at my house, wanna do it?” Well- to say the least we didn’t go shit crazy, but perhaps I will eat some Fiber 1 Bars and cry on the toilet… or go for a good, old fashioned walk.

I will forever be thinking about hitting the reset button- and I will write about it when I do it. Until then I hope you enjoy the upcoming series on my weight loss adventures.

Talk to you soon!

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