Day 1: Motivation

255 lbs.

I took my first day to reflect and get motivated. To be honest I was going to work out but didn’t. As you learn in the corporate world- never say you did nothing.

Instead I had a nice lasagna and pasta with tomato sauce for dinner and only 3 Oreo cookies for dessert (down from 4- heck yea!)  .  Here is where the plans of working out fell through- the couch. I sat on it. It defeated me. So new rule- don’t eat on the couch.

So I made the most of my vegging and watched two in shape people be moderately funny in “The Proposal.” That’s where the motivation comes in… I want to run into Sandra Bullock naked and if I look like Ryan Reynolds doing it- then even better.

Today I am hoping I can get out and go for a 3 mile jog/walk and do some lifting.  I have had a piece of Chocolate for breakfast but for lunch I am going get a salad- from somewhere- we will cross that bridge later.

Talk to you all soon!

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