Ewe is not fat, ewe is fluffy.

Dear Ewe,

I think ewe may have gained some weight. Don’t take it too personally, we all know that ewe have been stressed at work. There is a lot grass to chew, and ewe have such a strange mouth.  Some times I look at ewe and think, the Bear’s Offensive Line could really use ewe and then I remember, ewer a ewe.

I think, Ewe, that ewe have a wonderful personality. Ewe have the conviction and presence of Mother Theresa. Yet ewer also an ewe who is getting wider. I want to work with ewe and help ewe become the ewe that we all hope ewe will become. I swear though, if ewe gain any more weight we will eat ewe. So do some pull ups or something.

Love, Lamb.

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