My dearest Lauren thought that it would be classless and unfunny to write about my breakfast at the restaurant, Tweet. Why? It may have something to do with its location, just North of Boy’s Town, just East of Andersonville.

I decided to make a pro and cons list about my experience- I find reviews are more useful and less offensive this way:


– Hands down the best (and only) crab cakes and poached eggs I have ever had. Lauren and I also split a poached eggs and buiscuts and gravy.

– Extremely nice waitress and staff.

– Lauren was given the approving eye by a few well mannered men.

– Great parking!


– I was given the approving eye by a few well mannered men. (Kind of flattering too)

– Cash only.

– 55 minute wait for a 30 minute meal.

– “Celebration” Playing at 11:30AM.

Lauren is about 20 times more cultured than I am and far more introduced to the LGBT community- so when her ignorant boyfriend asks “Is this a gay bar?”, she was quick to say no and pet my head sympathetically.

All the above just to say: this was one of the best breakfasts I have had.

Thank you, Andrew, Michael, and Lauren!


2 thoughts on “Tweet

  1. Well, I am glad you had a great breakfast, but I wouldn’t be too excited that you had a good poached egg. Because, after all, “HOW HARD IS IT TO POACH A DAMN EGG–IT’S LIKE EGGS 101!” See Archer for more details…

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