Every now and then Ben and I take our relationship a bit too far and cross the line from roommates to a married couple.

This occurs shortly after we say something of a sexual or caring nature to each other usually while spaced out watching the Science Channel. Here is our “moment” from watching Professor Brian Cox:

Andy comes home from his parents to Ben sitting on his couch watching Brian Cox talking about gravity on the Science Channel…

Ben: Look at Brian Cox, man I am falling in love with that guy.

Andy: Yeah, look at how he explains gravity. I am getting lost in his brilliance and charming nature. And the English accent, oh joy, that English accent.

Ben: You know how you get a “hall pass” for certain people? He would be mine.

Andy: Yeah, him and Brad Pitt for me.

Ben: Brad Pitt is mine. But you can have him too.

Andy: I’ll just take Tom Hanks… I wouldn’t want to go gay with you, not that your unattractive, or something…

Ben: … you don’t have to preface saying “I don’t want to go gay with you.”

Professor Brian "Dreamy" Cox, after 5 minutes of listening to him talk about space I was pregnant.

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