New Orleans Trip


A distant glow from a distant place.

It is hard to believe that two and a half years of selling ads for the most premere nursing home trade magazine has just ended Thursday this week. Men and women take these hits everyday and blowing off steam in a transition time requires big moves. 

I for one threw around the idea of traveling during this time. I made this decision on Monday this week and thought it had a 80% chance of falling through. Here I am now, writing this blog from St. Louis, Missouri on the first leg of my photo tour around New Orleans, more specifically Venice, Louisiana.

I chose Venice for two good reasons:

1. Its at the very end of the Mississippi River (I am not kidding) 

2. It was completely destroyed during Katrina, hit incredibly hard by the oil spill and I would like to shoot their progress so far in the recovery- they may be all done by now. 

I hope that throughout my trip I will stop and take many pictures of fantastic things, but if all I get is a couple of road shots, then I still can say that I kept to my word and did what I said I was gonna do. 

This shot above was taken just off I-55 with a slow shutter. Its the eastern glow of what I guess is Chicago in the night sky. More to come…. 


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