… this is a big decision in your life, Andy… what color do you want your braces to be?


So I have made the executive decision to change my theme for the first time in about two years. This elegant text, and overly-formal layout would make you think of several things that may be going on in my life.

One may assume that there is a wedding coming soon, as this all looks very much like the wedding invitation font, format, and layout one receives in the mail. You know the ones that look far better than the degree on your wall until it reads, “rooms available at the Motel 8, just by the Taco Bell/KFC.” My sisters, brother, Mother, Father, friends and most importantly girlfriend will be disappointed… this change in my blog isn’t symbolic of that.

One also may assume that I have opened a catering business to take advantage of lamby, middle class, married-to-be, 25 year olds that need to get ripped off a little more before their plunge. This is not the case, as I cook often enough to know how to make one fancy dish and chicken on a grill… both useful, neither warranting a business plan.

The third is that I have died, in which this website would hold dear memories of my life- colored with nice white trim pages, and quotes from Emerson, Churchhill and some scripture. Perhaps a nice picture of me looking blankly into the distance, pondering the great beyond would be in the header. Alas, as a congested Michigan Avenue traffic starts off my blog page, I did not bite it and hope I don’t anytime soon. Anymore trips on I90 at 10PM at night may change those plans, by the way. (Cabbies and Mercedes Drivers can suck one)

Changes to things like this are a lot like band names. Most of the time they are completely meaningless but you create a more significant story so people think your group got together for something more than getting laid. (See Nickelback, Five for Fighting, and 50 Cent) (Also, I swear that joke has been made before, kudos to its’ inventor) This is no different- the name is because it was 11:20 when I changed it and the tag line comes from Lauren’s adventures in professional graphic design.

I am hoping that over the next year I will be as prudent a blogger as my Oldest Sister, but I would bet against me on that. The reality is that I will do this as often as I think of it. As, like an Uncle I know, hobbies should be hobbies, and jobs be jobs- thank God this isn’t my job.




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