Our Honeymoon

Lauren and I had an awesome wedding (pics on their way!) but after the wedding we went on our little adventure. For the first time the US government let me play ambassador to the tiny Island of Jamaica, or anywhere really. Some of the pictures are from the resort but what Laur and I found the most compelling was the scenes from the bus ride to and from Sandals Negril. Take a look!


Walking the French Quarter- Photos

From St. Louis to New Orleans

After a 10 hour trek south through Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi and finally to Louisiana I have made it! I snapped a bunch of pictures at the arch and then had to pop pictures while driving through the south as momentum was on my side. I was gonna get a video of me ordering Wendy’s but they saw the license plate and sent the dogs. (JK)

New Orleans Trip


A distant glow from a distant place.

It is hard to believe that two and a half years of selling ads for the most premere nursing home trade magazine has just ended Thursday this week. Men and women take these hits everyday and blowing off steam in a transition time requires big moves. 

I for one threw around the idea of traveling during this time. I made this decision on Monday this week and thought it had a 80% chance of falling through. Here I am now, writing this blog from St. Louis, Missouri on the first leg of my photo tour around New Orleans, more specifically Venice, Louisiana.

I chose Venice for two good reasons:

1. Its at the very end of the Mississippi River (I am not kidding) 

2. It was completely destroyed during Katrina, hit incredibly hard by the oil spill and I would like to shoot their progress so far in the recovery- they may be all done by now. 

I hope that throughout my trip I will stop and take many pictures of fantastic things, but if all I get is a couple of road shots, then I still can say that I kept to my word and did what I said I was gonna do. 

This shot above was taken just off I-55 with a slow shutter. Its the eastern glow of what I guess is Chicago in the night sky. More to come…. 

Letters from the front…

Dearest Lauren,

It’s been many months since we last spoke and yet in my mind we have been together constantly. There is a lot of talk from the Ol’ General that we may see some more action in the next couple of days. The Zombies are strong bastards but we are stronger. Our cause is just and our resolve is really, really strong.

Danny Joe lost his leg to a zombie bite. I had to shoot him in the head. Tell Teresa that Jimmy wont make it for Christmas ‘cuz he found a new girl. She’s a zombie named Midge, and he says she “loves him right.” We all agree, she can cook a mean Beefaroni and she has some good off-color jokes that make us happy.

Just know that when I look up to the sky I see clouds as gray as the gray area of Jimmy’s zombie relationship. But through it, I see stars, the same you see. They twinkle at me, as if to send me simple messages: “your fly is down” or “eat your veggies,” and they remind me of our love.

I wish you could be here, but the truth is, you’re a woman and capable of such little feats. You would really just hold us back.

I love you,


PS: Just shot Midge. Jimmy’s not happy. I thought she was attacking me but she actually really wanted me to try some gum and was just trying to put it in my mouth for me.

Diet questions with SENSA…

Jenny Says: Thank you for your interest in SENSA! Before you go, we’d like to offer you 60% off shipping and handling! ONLY pay $1.95 S/H to try SENSA FREE for 30 days. CLICK HERE to start your free trial.

Andy: Will this kill me?

Jenny Says: We’re so confident you’ll lose weight with SENSA that we give you a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee. So CLICK HERE to take advantage of this CHAT-ONLY offer- Hurry–it’s only available for a limited time!

Andy: So, your going to let me die?

Jenny Says: CLICK HERE to take advantage of this CHAT ONLY offer, it may not be available tomorrow!

Andy: But if I don’t eat enough calories I will surely die.

Jenny Says: With SENSA, you can eat all the foods you love and still lose weight! Because there are no food restrictions, you don’t have to deal with any intense food cravings or feelings of deprivation.

Andy: But I am being deprived of food…

Andy: Therefore I am dying

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Andy: So you’re saying this will kill me?

Jenny Says: Now, it’s your turn to lose weight with SENSA! CLICK HERE to get started.

Andy: Okay.

Edited some photos with Lauren!

Girls Turn 1!



Every now and then Ben and I take our relationship a bit too far and cross the line from roommates to a married couple.

This occurs shortly after we say something of a sexual or caring nature to each other usually while spaced out watching the Science Channel. Here is our “moment” from watching Professor Brian Cox:

Andy comes home from his parents to Ben sitting on his couch watching Brian Cox talking about gravity on the Science Channel…

Ben: Look at Brian Cox, man I am falling in love with that guy.

Andy: Yeah, look at how he explains gravity. I am getting lost in his brilliance and charming nature. And the English accent, oh joy, that English accent.

Ben: You know how you get a “hall pass” for certain people? He would be mine.

Andy: Yeah, him and Brad Pitt for me.

Ben: Brad Pitt is mine. But you can have him too.

Andy: I’ll just take Tom Hanks… I wouldn’t want to go gay with you, not that your unattractive, or something…

Ben: … you don’t have to preface saying “I don’t want to go gay with you.”

Professor Brian "Dreamy" Cox, after 5 minutes of listening to him talk about space I was pregnant.