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Lets get out with it. I intend to be brutally honest with whats in my head during my blogs. Those who know me know this is not dangerous. SO…

Lets make a short list of things I will not be discussing in my blog.

Paul Giamatti- Great actor, don’t want to talk about him.

Les Claypool- I know nothing about Les Claypool.

Polar Bears- I’m sorry but those fluffy fuckers can rip your face off for fun, don’t let them fool you.

The 80’s- I lived in the 80’s for three years and all I did was puke, poop and pee my self, much like Gary Busey did in the 80’s.

Lil Wayne- I want to sucker punch most Hip Hoppers, Lil Wayne is the worst.


Thats pretty much it for things that will not be discussed for now. I should note that the Gary Busey comment does not reflect in any way hatred towards the guy. I feel he has exceptionally large teeth and that is awesome.

I can’t promise I’ll post once a night but I will try to make this a regular thing. Lets face it there are few things now a days I do regularly.

Now here is the fun part for readers- I am trying to work on my grammar, so please feel free to correct me if I completely fuck up in any way. Thanks for checking me out.

Peace and love,



3 thoughts on “1 Blog 1

  1. Nice! Let’s take a little peek into that “I have a degree now” cranium and see what comes out. Looking forward to finding out what a Paul Riviere brain fart smells like. (“A nutty aroma, with… yes, yes… a hint of awesome.”)


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