Gravitationally Challenged Family Members

This isn’t as much of a post but really a shout-out to those Riviere’s and former Riviere’s that are having a difficult time managing the stresses of gravity.

Oldest Sister- Stay strong and upright. Baby-gates may bring a graceful, nimble woman like yourself to the living room floor, but your motherly instincts and insurance will always be at the ready. Also, I stole a medical glove from Triage 7, which made for a funny office gag later that week.

Father- I couldn’t imagine a more complicated way to get the news paper. Bending over is good enough for any man but you committed to preforming a “haymaker” WWF move on the Saturday morning Daily Herald. I am only joking about this because your injured hip and elbow are well on the mend, which I am grateful for.

Mother- While you can’t stop us from falling to the will of gravity, those of us who end up on rented hospital beds in the family room are in the best of hands. Thanks!

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