Red Fails

Here is the review by categories:

Action: Excellent, if you love planes, bullets, blood and reckless destruction, this is your movie.

Dialogue: Eh. You remember how you watched Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3 and thought, man this could be written better? This is like that only you know that a 10 year old put it together.

Love Story: Comes out of no where, goes pretty much no where.

Taboo issues mentioned: Racism, segregation, alcoholism, sex addiction, carpet bombing, Nazi’s, Jets, roommates, WWII, having to repair planes.

Ending: Its like watching a cow walk into a river and drown to death.

Over all I counted about 10 subplots, 4 were taken from beginning to end. If you were high when  you watched this, it would seem as epic as Saving Private Ryan. If you were sober, it was as epic as eating McDonald’s.

George Lucas took a great true story and turn it into a happy meal.


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